Elevated junk-food faves star at this new pop-up

But if you only get one thing here, make it the massive Ambrose & Eve Burger ($11). It’s two all-beef patties (thin, griddle-seared), special sauce (mayo-based), lettuce (crisp iceberg), cheese (two slices of melted American), pickles (house-made), onion (red) and tomato on a puffy, sweet bun. In other words, it’s something familiar pushed down the road a little.

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Happier Meal

The jalapeno poppers are more than you bargained for, making your mouth—and your eyes—water. There’s a vegan-friendly Cincinnati chili option (Vegan Two-Way). The “Funyon,” seem as big as an Elephant Ear, and the burger is just a straight-up classic delivery—one Heaggans became known for in his days at Flatiron. And the “MacCheek?” Let’s just say it’s better than the sandwich it’s not officially named after, and you’re sure to be “lovin’ it.”


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The healing power of a terrific burger and fries knocked back with a cold draft beer in a friendly dive bar shouldn’t be underestimated, especially during turbulent times.
— G.A. Benton - Columbus Dispatch
I’m telling you to go to the second floor of a bar in the Brewery District to find some of our favorite burgers, chicken sandwiches, and comfort foods. I want you to discover Preston’s Burgers.
— Dr. Breakfast (Breakfast with Nick)